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Miller v Lithgow City Council [2014] NSW SC 1579

Judgment was given in the Supreme Court of New South Wales late last year in a tragic case involving an experienced but young swimmer who became a tetraplegic after diving into the shallow end of the Lithgow swimming pool.

The young girl was 12 at the time of the accident. She had been given exercises by her school's...

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A victim of domestic violence in Victoria who has sued her attacker for compensation might encourage victims in Queensland to also seek redress but lawyer Mark O’Connor says it all comes down to the assailant’s ability to pay.

The Victorian victim was awarded $80,000 for pain and suffering in the civil division of the Melbourne County Court after she sued her former de facto for a...

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Case: Mules v Ferguson [2015] QCA 5


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Brisbane compensation law expert Mark O’Connor has some concise advice for Australians contemplating cosmetic surgery overseas – don’t do it.

He said the tragic cautionary tale of Gold Coast woman Evita Sarmonikas, who died at a hospital in Mexicali, Mexico while undergoing surgery to insert buttock implants, should be a cautionary tale to the risks of such surgery, and a reminder of...

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The case of Packer v. Tall Ship Sailing Cruises Aust Pty Ltd and Commercial Waterproofing Services Pty Ltd explores the potential liability of an employer and a tourism operator for acts...

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Queensland laws covering compensation for victims of vicious dog attacks are woefully out of date and a leading compensation lawyer says they need to be urgently overhauled.

Brisbane injury compensation law expert Mark O’Connor said the horrific dog attack on five year old Gold Coast child Kellen Cormie at the weekend had highlighted how weak and flawed Queensland law was in seeking...

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Brisbane lawyer Mark O’Connor, who is himself a potential victim of the contaminated frozen berry scandal, says consumers who contract Hepatitis A will go after the retailer for compensation.

But retailers will in turn demand indemnity from the importer/ distributor and ultimately he expects the distributors to foot the bill for compensation payouts.

Mr O’Connor, a compensation...

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Queensland’s new Government is being urged to give priority to honouring its election campaign pledge to scrap tough workers’ compensation scheme law changes implemented by the LNP.

Brisbane compensation law expert Mark O’Connor said changes to the WorkCover scheme, introduced in October 2013, imposed a five per cent threshold on all common law claims, which effectively shut out a...

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A Brisbane compensation lawyer who has eaten frozen berries at the centre of a Hepatitis A scare says consumers should ignore a call to throw out the possibly infected packets.

Mark O’Connor, who said he has been eating Nanna’s frozen mixed berries, said consumers should be wary of following a product recall by the distributors, saying the berries could be key evidence should a consumer...

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