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Publication: Sunday Mail
Title: Office Parties

Bosses have been warned to hold off on the booze this silly season and not be the drunkest person at the party.

Legal experts say employers need to be sober enough to keep their staff in line to ward off sexual harassments, injuries and regretful social media posts.

Personal injury compensation specialist and director at...

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A Gold Coast woman injured in a run in with an Uber ride-sharing driver could seek compensation for her injuries from the vehicle’s compulsory third party insurer.

That’s the view of Brisbane injury compensation law expert Mark O’Connor who said if reports that Sascha Pangallo was run over by an Uber driver’s car were correct then she would have a legitimate claim...

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Homeowners who had dodgy electrical cabling installed in their homes and who refuse to have it removed despite a national recall could have their insurance cover denied if their homes are destroyed by fire caused by perished cabling.

Brisbane compensation law expert Mark O’Connor says reports that  many homeowners, aware their homes have dangerous...

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Publication: Lawyers Weekly

The roll-back of Campbell Newman's WorkCover changes creates a fairer scheme for workplace injury claims, writes Mark O’Connor.

Injured Queenslanders will be the big winners from the state government’s reversal of the...

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A Bill known as the Workers Compensation and Rehabilitation and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015 has been tabled in the Queensland Parliament.

The legislation will repeal changes introduced by the Newman Government which imposed a threshold (greater than 5% Degree of Permanent Impairment) for pursuing a common law (damages) claim.  Those changes prevented a...

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Cheap Chinese-made aluminium cladding that does not comply with Australian standards and is blamed for a big fire in Melbourne has now also been found in two hospitals there, prompting calls for Queensland authorities to investigate state building projects here too.

The imported non-compliant cladding has been blamed for a big high rise fire in Melbourne and Brisbane...

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Yet another legacy of ousted Premier Campbell Newman’s LNP government has been dumped with the State Government moving to reverse controversial changes to the State’s WorkCover workers compensation scheme.

Brisbane injury compensation law expert Mark O’Connor says it’s a good day for injured workers and employers with the anticipated rollback of the LNP WorkCover changes which...

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View infographic newsletter: "Going on a cruise, what could go wrong?"

Ellery v Sunsail (Australia) Pty Ltd looks at the responsibilities owed by commercial vessel owners to their passengers.

In this case, Mrs Ellery was on holiday...

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The Queensland Government could be liable if new police drones fall out of the sky and cause injury.

Brisbane compensation law expert Kevin Barratt said the increased use of remote control drones by both government and private operators had focused attention on the issue of injury if the craft failed in flight.

Mr Barratt, of Brisbane law firm Bennett & Philp Lawyers, said...

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