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Reports of huge payouts in certain Queensland injury compensation cases may confuse potential claimants expecting a big payday for their claim.

Brisbane injury compensation law expert Trent Johnson said a recent report that the State Government has to pay a 70-year-old woman more than half a million dollars over a paramedic’s negligence case, was an example of the sort of confusion the...

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Changes to Queensland laws to do away with restrictive time limits for certain child sexual and physical abuse compensation claims don’t go far enough and should be amended as a priority in 2017.

That’s the view of Brisbane injury compensation law specialist Trent Johnson who said recent legislation passed by the Queensland State Parliament, while removing the existing time limits for...

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Injury compensation law Accredited Specialist Trent Johnson has joined Brisbane firm Bennett & Philp Lawyers as a Director.

Mr Johnson, who has worked in top-tier personal injuries firms for over 14 years, was most recently with Maurice Blackburn Lawyers as a Senior Associate in personal injury claims.

He was born and educated in Queensland and graduated from Queensland...

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A Brisbane injury compensation law expert has some advice for people who lodge bogus or exaggerated compo claims- don’t be surprised if the insurers hire private detectives to spy on you.

Covert surveillance of injury compo claimants is more widespread than people realise but lawyer Mark O’Connor says those who have lodged a genuine claim have nothing to fear.

His remarks come...

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Two bills currently before the Queensland State Parliament give hope that shortly, in Queensland, victims of historical abuse will have the opportunity to seek long...

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A Brisbane law firm has urged the Queensland government not to copy the compensation laws for motor vehicle injuries currently being planned in New South Wales, saying they will “devastate” victims’ lives....

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The State Government should urgently reassure the public after explosive claims that its major insurer and legal arm has unlawfully denied every personal injury claim against the Government.

Brisbane compensation law expert Mark O’Connor said the sensational claims, reported recently by media, had created a climate of uncertainty in the community and seemed to confirm...

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A Gold Coast woman injured in a run in with an Uber ride-sharing driver could seek compensation for her injuries from the vehicle’s compulsory third party insurer.

That’s the view of Brisbane injury compensation law expert Mark O’Connor who said if reports that Sascha Pangallo was run over by an Uber driver’s car were correct then she would have a legitimate claim...

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Homeowners who had dodgy electrical cabling installed in their homes and who refuse to have it removed despite a national recall could have their insurance cover denied if their homes are destroyed by fire caused by perished cabling.

Brisbane compensation law expert Mark O’Connor says reports that  many homeowners, aware their homes have dangerous...

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Cheap Chinese-made aluminium cladding that does not comply with Australian standards and is blamed for a big fire in Melbourne has now also been found in two hospitals there, prompting calls for Queensland authorities to investigate state building projects here too.

The imported non-compliant cladding has been blamed for a big high rise fire in Melbourne and Brisbane...

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