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Queensland should match a New South Wales law change and remove restrictive time limits for certain sexual and physical abuse compensation claims.

Brisbane compensation law expert Mark O’Connor says the NSW State parliament has voted to remove the limitation periods that have previously blocked claims made more than...

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Rae Wilson | 22nd Jul 2014 6:00 PM - View article

A COMPENSATION lawyer says there is a pressing need to change state legislation to allow class action lawsuits - such as flood...

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Breakfast with Spencer Howson, 08 July 2014, 8:39 am

As you may have heard in the news, Australia's largest class action suit is expected to be lodged today.

It's against the operators of Wivenhoe Dam, over claiming negligence in the operation of the dam in the 2011 floods.

So what will this class action mean for flood victims? Mark O'Connor is the Director of Bennett...

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