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The LNP has been challenged to declare up front any secret plans they may have to change our Compulsory Third Party insurance scheme.

Mark O’Connor of Bennett & Philp says the LNP should say now ahead of Saturday’s election if it has any plans to change the state’s CTP scheme, after it avoided an Australian Lawyers Alliance request...

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Moves to bar sex offenders and other criminals from the Federal Government’s proposed sex abuse redress scheme have been labelled as unfair and unjust by a prominent Brisbane compensation law specialist.

Mark O’Connor said the proposed $150,000 capped government compensation payout to thousands of child sex abuse victims specifically excluded sex offenders and anyone...

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A judgement given by Judge Henry of the Cairns Supreme Court has given justice to an injured worker who would have been deprived of access to justice by the former Newman Government’s unfair workers’ compensation law changes.

The workers’ compensation changes implemented by the Newman Government prevented injured workers’ injured in the period 15 October 2013 to 30 January 2015 from...

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The insurance industry in Queensland is running another of its scaremongering campaigns, aimed at reducing payouts’ to motor vehicle injury victims – and blaming lawyers for a spike in Compulsory Third Party insurance claims.

As a lawyer who has been representing injured Queensland drivers and bike riders for more than 30 years, there is nothing new in the latest complaints by the...

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Now back at work after an agonising accident, surgery and many months of rehabilitation, Brisbane injury compensation lawyer Mark O'Connor has first-hand experience of the pain and suffering his personal injury clients are forced to endure....

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Brisbane injury compensation lawyer Mark O’Connor recently experienced a traumatic and painful injury that put him in hospital and out of action for several long months. His experience has given him a unique insight into the ordeals suffered by his personal injury clients.

Mark O’Connor

It was 5:30 am, dark and I was in a hurry.

A full...

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In one of the more unusual matters of the year, Justice Morzone QC of the Cairns District Court recently heard an application for leave to proceed despite non-compliance with the provisions of the Personal Injuries Proceedings Act 2002 (Queensland) (‘the PIPA’) by an injured plaintiff and a concurrent cross application by the defendant for summary judgement.

In his judgement...

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A prominent Brisbane injury compensation law specialist is urging the State Government to take a generous rather than strictly legalistic approach to compensating women for their ordeals at Wolston Park asylum decades ago.

Mark O’Connor said recent changes to Queensland law have made it a lot easier for victims of historical sexual abuse to pursue legal claims but the horrifying...

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So you made a frivolous post on social media one night not thinking beyond the moment and never realising it could one day be used in evidence in court against you, or cost you your job.

Brisbane lawyers Trent Johnson and Michael Coates say increasingly, social media posts are being used as evidence in compensation and employment law matters, because courts can and do order people to...

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Prominent Brisbane injury compensation lawyer Mark O’Connor wants a tough crackdown on dodgy accident claims harvesters, whose behaviour threatens the viability of Queensland’s envied CTP scheme.

Unscrupulous “claims farmers” are somehow accessing insurance company data and then selling the prospective claims to interstate lawyers who in turn badger people involved in...

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