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You may be entitled to receive compensation for pain, suffering and impairment, lost wages, medical and rehabilitation expenses and other financial losses. You may have entitlements to TPD benefits under your superannuation or personal insurance, or income protection benefits which insurance companies are refusing to pay.

If you wish to explore your rights, you should be aware that steps to pursue your rights may need to be taken within certain strict time frames with a claims process which differs according to the nature of the claim.

When we represent you, it will usually be on the basis that you don’t pay our fees until you receive compensation.

Various international conventions determine the liability in the event of death or personal injury of aircraft passengers.

Bennett & Philp Lawyers represent victims of cycling accidents on a no-win, no fee* basis.

If you were a dependent of that person, you may be able to make a claim for financial losses caused by the accidental death.  You may also be entitled to make a claim for any psychiatric injury or nervous shock you suffer as a result of the death of a spouse or partner. 

Claims may be made against the manufacturer or importer of the product, or in some cases, the retailer.

Bennett & Philp can investigate your policies and advise you on any entitlements you may have.  If necessary, our lawyers will travel to you to discuss your circumstances.

Claims can include misdiagnosis, anaesthesia and surgical errors, defective medication or drugs, birth injuries, negligent nursing care, equipment failure, overdoses of medication, and dental malpractice.

Bennett & Philp represents clients who have been injured in car accidents, motorbike accidents, bicycle accidents, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents and public transport accidents.

These injuries can occur, for example, in shopping centres, sporting and other public venues, home unit complexes, on footpaths and at private houses.  A claim for damages may include compensation for pain, suffering and impairment, loss of...

Bennett & Philp Lawyers represent workers injured in accidents involving ladders and scaffolding, roadworks, unsafe construction sites, forklifts, electric shock, industrial explosions, unsafe equipment, unsafe lifting practices, burns, slips and falls, toxic substances...

If you engage our services, you will only need to pay our professional fees if there is a judgment or settlement in your favour.

Our personal injury lawyers are a hardworking, dedicated and supportive team of experienced lawyers who provide clients with comprehensive services that stretch beyond simply offering legal representation.

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