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Cycling Accidents

If you have been involved in an accident while cycling, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

Bennett & Philp Lawyers represent victims of cycling accidents on a no-win, no fee* basis.

Many of us are cyclists (in the firm) and enjoy the the pastime as a competitive sport, to keep fit, as a method of transport or to just amble along on a leisurely ride. To have the misfortune of cycling accident resulting in personal injuries can be devastating. Often, it can even take months to recover enough to "get back on yer bike".

Cycling accidents can be both painful and stressful for all of the parties involved. They can leave the rider with physical, emotional and financial pain. Lodging a claim for compensation often accentuates the pain and the process can be filled with potential pitfalls, strict time limits and other issues. The types of cycling accident claims we deal with, includes:

  • Defective road surfaces;
  • Careless or negligent car and truck drivers;
  • Objects on the road carriageway;
  • Lane filtering;
  • Spillage and slippery surfaces on the roadway;
  • Overtaking, and 
  • Car "dooring".

Bennett & Philp Lawyers’ team of cycling accident experts can help ease the pain and provide you with advice about making a claim for your injuries and the damage to your bike. Our team can also help aid your recovery by putting you in touch with our network of medical doctors, physiotherapists, remedial masseuses and other allied health professionals.

Bennett & Philp Lawyers can assist you with:

  • Expert personal advice on whether your claim is worth pursuing and the likelihood of success;
  • Detailed advice about how much you might be able to claim;
  • An explanation of the processes involved with lodging a claim, cyclist to cyclist;
  • Running your claim professionally and efficiently, removing any stress and burdens, and
  • Liaising with insurance companies, on your behalf, to ensure you are adequately compensated - and your interests are protected.

*Conditions Apply